Private Sector Foundation Uganda
Plot 43 Nakasero Road
P.O. Box 7683
Kampala, Uganda

Tel: 256 – 414 – 230956, 342163
Fax: 256 – 414 – 259109

The Private Sector Foundation (PSFU) was established in 1995 in response to the need for a joint effort of private sector organizations to collectively interface with Government and Development Partners to guide the economic growth of Uganda. The mandate of the PSFU was to improve the business environment in Uganda through policy research, dialogue and advocacy, enhancing firm-level competitiveness through injecting know-how, facilitating investment promotion and aftercare, and improving access to credit for Small & Medium Enterprises.

UGAPRIVI is associate member of PSFU since 2000. Since 2010, UGAPRIVI is partnering with PSFU to pilot and manage the Worker’sPAS project that aims at validating skills and competences attained in informal and non formal BTVET learning. The Worker’sPAS project is a component of the Enterprise Skills Linkages Programme under the Private Sector Competitiveness Project II.