Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected Directors of the member institutions and are responsible for recruitment and supervision of the administrative staff, policies review, lobby and advocacy, monitoring and implementation of the programmes and generally ensures proper functionality of the association.

National Chairman
Mr. Ndemere Adrian
0772484739, 0702484739
General Secretary Mr. Ayuku Kenneth 0772608125, 0754608125
General Manager Ms. Milly Nabankema 0414266007, 0772570832, 0704937356
National Treasurer Mr. Isaiah Dwale Masaba 0752186839, 0786191788

Regional Directors

UGAPRIVI Central Mr Kironde Matthias (also Deputy Secretary General) 0704805667, 0782502069
UGAPRIVI East Elections to be conducted soon.
UGAPRIVI North Mr Omiat Sam 0392990038, 0788573552
UGAPRIVI West Nile Mr. Kaza Adroa Kezuis 0777706387
UGAPRIVI West A Ms. Mwangangi Ruth (also National Vice Chairman) 0718127830, 0701697997
UGAPRIVI West B Mr. Kisole Nason 0752864041, 0779593552
UGAPRIVI South West Mr. Tuwangye John 0772427388, 0701427388
UGAPRIVI South Rev. Fr. Mutebi John Francis 0703837885, 0772988732