BTVET Sub-Sector and Private Public Partnership (PPP)

  1. Skilling Uganda. UGAPRIVI is one of the members of the Reform Task Force –Skilling Uganda comprised of members drawn from the Private Sector, Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs), Ministry of Education and Sports and other key Government Ministries and Agencies. The Task Force which was inaugurated on 23rd of October 2012 is to spearhead reforms of the system of Business Technical Vocational Education and Training and to oversee and manage the ten year Skilling Uganda Strategic Plan 2012 – 2022.
  2. Industrial Training Council (ITC). UGAPRIVI is a member of the Industrial Training Council (ITC) a body that advises the Ministry of Education on matters related to Business Technical Vocational Education and Training (BTVET) through the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT). Private BTVET Institutions are the biggest consumers of Directorate of Industrial Training services.
  3. The Directorate of Industrial Training is a quality assurance body in Business Technical Vocational Education and Training (BTVET) sub sector. It conducts Competence Based Assessments (CBA) and awards Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework (UVQF). Currently in collaboration with UGAPRIVI, DIT is conducting the Workers Pass project.
  4. Management Training. Management Training was conducted in 2011 and 2012 in all regions where modules of Organizational Management and Leadership, Resource Management in VTIs and Entrepreneurship were covered to help VTIs sustain themselves by coming up with viable means using the techniques acquired during the trainings. This training has greatly impacted on many of our members as they have come up with projects that can help in sustaining them. Heads of institutions have changed positively to their day to day obligations and enrolment has increased particularly in those institutions that participated in the training.
  5. UPPET and UPOLET. UPPET programme covered 16 private BTVET institutions initially supported by the German Development Bank (KfW) in areas where there are no public BTVET institutions participating in UPPET. The UPPET programme deals with government grant support for primary 7 leavers enrolling in BTVET Institutions, while UPOLET programme deals with post Senior 4 Leavers joining BTVET Institutions. We expect the Government to include more Private Vocational institutions to cover the big gap in the UPPET and UPOLET programmes.
  6. Private Sector Foundation of Uganda. The Private Sector Foundation (PSFU) was established in 1995 in response to the need for a joint effort of private sector organizations to collectively interface with Government and Development Partners to guide the economic growth of Uganda.
    The mandate of the PSFU was to improve the business environment in Uganda through policy research, dialogue and advocacy, enhancing firm-level competitiveness through injecting know-how, facilitating investment promotion and aftercare, and improving access to credit for Small & Medium Enterprises.
    UGAPRIVI is Associate Member of PSFU since 2000. We have ever since partnered with PSFU to pilot and manage the Worker’s PAS (Practically Acquire Skills) project that aims at validating skills and competences attained in informal and non-formal BTVET learning. The Worker’s PAS project is a component of the Enterprise Skills Linkages Programme under the Private Sector Competitiveness Project II. Currently UGAPRIVI and its member institutions are applying for the Skills Development Facility, funded by World Bank, and managed by the PSFU,
  7. Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board-UBTEB
    This is a national examining body for the Business and Technical programmes established by the act of Parliament in 2011.
    UGAPRIVI is in contact with the over 862 member institutions and other 250 prospective members who may join the association, yet around 300 have been granted examination centers by the UBTEB. This leaves a gap of close to 812 institutions to be registered for centers. Our strategy is that all these institutions get examinations centers and offer recognized programmes and certification by December 2018, a move to standardize and professionalize Business and Technical Education. A memorandum of understanding between UBTEB and UGAPRIVI is in final stages and will shortly be signed and our combined efforts will help the nation.