Registering as Ugaprivi member

Registering as a member to UGAPRIVI

Membership to UGAPRIVI is open to all institutions and organizations provided they subscribe to the objectives of the Association and are compliant to the Government of Uganda set skills training standards. To register as a  UGAPRIVI member,  have to meet the following standards:

  1. An existing training institution or an organisation with skills training component.  Must have minimum of five learners training full time, part-time, industrial training, apprenticeship or any other form of training, plus those organisations that support skills training;
  2. Fills the online data form annually during the first quarter of the year, attach (upload) necessary documents
  3. New member pays membership fee once of UXG 100,000/=;
  4. Annual subscription of UGX 100,000/=
  5. Annual visitation fee 25,000;
  6. Has infrastructures in place e.g.  Classroom(s), Workshop(s); training materials, tools and equipment.
  7. Ready to collect and submit to Ugaprivi Account annual student levy of 3,000/= per student or an agreeable standard annual student levy. This can be paid in one lamp some, or  1,000/= per term or 1,500`= per semester.
  8. Obtains an annual Ugaprivi certificate.

All payments are made to UGAPRIVI National Bank Account

Account Name           UGAPRIVI/OGI

Account Number      9030006303268

Bank                              Stanbic Bank Garden City