Since 2009, UGAPRIVI has been implementing a pilot “Skills Development Networks (SDNs)” in cooperation with the German Technical Co-operation (GTZ) in selected districts targeting three economic sectors (building and construction, agriculture and hospitality).
UGAPRIVI signed a MoU with European Union to implement the approach to Northern districts in Uganda in Acholi and Lango sub-regions. The project worked closely with local government and built synergies with them together with development partners in order to institutionalize non-formal skills training for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.
Employment Oriented Skills Development Networks (EoSDN) UGAPRIVI won a tender to implement a project in Acholi and Lango sub regions of Northern Uganda with support from European Union for 36 months beginning September 2012. The project contributes to poverty reduction in the sub regions through adapted skills and entrepreneurship training that enhances income generation potential of the rural young adults.