Regional Office Administrators

The Regional Offices ensure the Association’s presence in the different regions. The respective UGAPRIVI member institutions elect a Regional Director who is responsible for proposing strategic decisions related to the region. The Regional Managers and Regional Administrators are responsible for the operations in the regions and report directly to the General Manager. The following are the Regional Administrators:

No Regional Office Location Regional Administrator Phone Email Known Institutions
1 UGAPRIVI Central Kampala City on Kabakanjagala Road Ms Ruth Semagulu 281
2 UGAPRIVI East Mbale Town Ms Maria Goret Katono 0775166851, 0701166851 123
3 UGAPRIVI North Lira Town Ms Filda Agweng 0777805554, 0752805554 109
4 UGAPRIVI South Masaka Town Ms Prossy Nababi 0781855217, 0702370383 74
5 UGAPRIVI South West Kabale Town Mr Niwahereza Naboth 0775780252 94
6 UGAPRIVI West Nile Arua Town Ms Alice Baitiyo 0773299174, 0759601394 78
7 UGAPRIVI West A Hoima Town Ms Atugonza Theopista 0784169838 62
8 UGAPRIVI West B Kasese Town 41
Total 862