1. Attitude. The attitude of many people in Government, public, the parents and the learners have continued to think that those joining vocational training are academically poor or can’t afford the vertical progression. It is amazing that even those who pursue the vertical progression are advised by the Government political leaders and bureaucrats to join vocational institutions for a skill. The Training in Uganda has continued to see the pyramid upside down. More people are training at managerial level than the craftsmen.
  2. UGAPRIVI home. For the last 17 years, UGAPRIVI has been renting, and have moved in 4 deferent homes. We deserve to build our permanent home.
  3. Running Costs. UGAPRIVI depends entirely on the annual subscriptions of 50,000 per annum to run its national secretariat and the eight regional offices. In most cases, less than a half of the member institutions subscribe, depending on what is on the table as a benefit to members. The amount collected annually can’t sustain the association even a quarter of its budget. It is important to note that we are supplementing the Governments efforts, to oversee and regulate these vocational institutions for quality education of the citizens of the Uganda. We request the Government to consider us in their annual budgets. We are as good and important as the Ministry of Education.