Koratec Business Training Centre

 Koratec Business Training Centre was started to work parallel to the NGOs and help Ugandans learn computer usage. The second agenda on their list is also to teach them computer repair and maintenance performance improvement.
Uganda like most African countries has large sections of people who do not have access to education. Naturally, having access to computers is also far-fetched. But many aid agencies, international agencies working in Uganda have been providing Ugandans with computers. Though initially there was not much internet penetration, Ugandans are slowly learning to use computers and some of them have understood the importance of computer technology in their professional and personal lives.So, the main objective has been to enable development of information portals about various issues such as education, agriculture, health, etc, so that they can be used by all over Uganda. This is bound to make internet access cheaper, faster and also accessing net over the mobile a lot easier.
Courses Offered;
  • Tailoring and Garment cutting
  • Computer Engineering
  • Hair dressing & Beauty Therapy



Tel.0782639056 / 0753639056

P.O Box 50020,Kampala.

Email: koratecbtc@gmail.com

Location: Old Portbell Road,Kitintale.