Kiteredde Vocational Institute

Kiteredde vocational institute belongs to the congregation of Bannakaroli Brothers. It is a mixed vocational training institute located in the South West of Uganda. From its humble beginning in 1980 the institute has tried to meet the skilled labour needs for the industry, while at the same time providing an avenue to gain full employment for the hundreds of youths whose lives were disrupted by the country political strives and by HIV/Aids pandemic.

The Institute draws students within Uganda and other neighboring countries.

KVI is set to serve the community of Rakai District where it is found. At the same time where Uganda has recorded the highest number of HIV/Aids. The impact of pandemic has resulted in a number of serious consequences, notable among the following:

  • Big number of orphans and widows.
  • School dropouts due to lack of support.
  • Increased poverty as a result of death of the family heads.

Contact Information.

Principal – 0772320436

Registra – 0775550955